The Process


  • A free 1 hour consultation to discuss your requirements and to look at the site/ house
  • From this meeting we will also be able to ascertain the Planning implications and whether work can be carried out under permitted development rights.
  • Meeting you to discuss your project allows us to prepare a fee proposal and outline brief based on your specific project requirements.


  • Once you have agreed the fee proposal and we have written agreement to start work, we will carry out a measured survey of part or all of your house depending on the size and location of the work being undertaken. We will also take photographs and look at the surrounding site and buildings.
  • This survey will be sent to you on completion for your records.
  • Based on a detailed brief and site analysis, we will provide initial ideas to form the basis of a discussion for the detailed design.


  • Based on the initial ideas and discussion with you, we will prepare a detailed design suitable for a Planning Application.
  • Depending on the complexity of the project we may prepare a 3D computer sketch to help you visualise the design. This can also be a useful design tool and help with gaining planning approval.
  • From registration by the Local Authority, you can expect planning to take 8 weeks to be decided. Again this can vary depending on the complexity of a project and the Planning Officer's recommendation.
  • Some Planning applications may require additional submissions from other consultants eg. Landscaping, arborcultralist or Engineers.


  • Once planning permission has been granted we can start to prepare construction drawings which will be suitable for Building Regulation submission.
  • At this stage we will also advise you on the selection of a Structural Engineer and coordinate their input in relation to structural details and calculations.
  • We will also help you on the selection of contractors and tendering / contract proceedures.


  • Our primary role at this stage is to administer the terms of a contract between you and your builder and inspect the work on a weekly basis as they pogress.
  • We will also monitor the costs of the project and advise you on a monthly agreed payment to your builder for the work that has been done.This ensures you do not overpay in relation to the work carried out on site.